SPORTS WEIRD AND CRAZY Toddler in stroller falls through sidewalk, swept away by sewage Mother saved, but 18-month-old believed dead, officials say By The Associated Press SPCA: Eatontown woman cuts kitten open from head to tail APP.COM WTF?? Burglar high on bath salts breaks into home, puts up Christmas decorations PHILIP CAULFIELD Monday, November 14, 2011 Tennessee father murders couple after pair had deleted his adult daughter as friend on Facebook, authorities say Marvin Potter charged with two counts of first-degree murder   By The Associated Press / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Cops: Man tried to use $1M bill at Walmart Man kills Chihuahua with golf club, hit it 'as if driving a ball off its tee': police: Larry Jaurequi swung at tiny dog like he was ‘driving a ball off its tee’ Comments (8)   By Nancy Dillon / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, February 8, 2012, 1:06 PM New Mexico woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend - because he wouldn't buy her beer: police  By Daily News Staff Saturday, October 15, 2011, 1:44 PM Goats can form accents, study finds By Brian Browdie / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Truly Bizarre Foods People Actually Eat
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Charges against New Hampshire man who fired warning shot at alleged robber dropped Utah man accused of biting off chunk of man's ear Mich. dad who let 9-year-old drive gets probation Maine 3-year-old walks mile in middle of night to grocery store Texas torture victim calls survival 'miracle' Parole denied for woman who cooked, ate husband NJ man ran over his girlfriend three times and left her to die, authorities said Poison or Drugs? Mystery Over TV Producer's Death Mother lets baby boy drown; admits she hated him  From the day her son was born, Neha Patel said, she hated him Read more: me/mother-lets-baby-boy-drown- admits-hated-article- 1.1024833#ixzz1nRXkPRBE
Man charged after cooking own meal while posing as Denny's manager ITS A FIGHT... FUCK IT HMM..I THINK ID BANG HER FAVORITE CHECK OUT THE LATEST UPDATES AND LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK..  WERE GETTIN CLOSER TO LAUNCHING THIS BITCH..   UES madam had millionaire clients, led life of suburban mom The stay-at-home mom of four catered to clientele with no less than $1 million in the bank while raking in piles of cash in more than 15 years in the industry, prosecutors charge Teenagers poured gasoline on boy walking home from school and set him on fire: cops Secret jury pool in Colombo slay trial of Tommy Shots Gioeli and Little Dino Saracino Florida mom sold 6- year-old daughter’s body for sex to score drugs: police TSA apologizes for making mom pump breast milk in airport bathroom Teen told to clean his room finds winning lottery ticket worth $84K  Man buried alive dies trying to set world record Family, friends helped Janaka Basnayake, 24, dig 10 foot hole 22 Carnival cruise ship passengers robbed at gunpoint in Mexico Hiker Left for Dead on Mount Everest Holy shirt! Gal’s topless again A serial breast-barer was at it again yesterday Yes, we have no Bonannos Infested by reality stars and rats, they may be the first of the Five Families to go extinct Not snow: SPIDER WEBS blanket Australian countryside JUST GOES TO SHOW DONT FUCK WITH SOMEONE NICKNAMED “SHOTS Hooker and her muscle accused of deadly Bronx beat down Iranian suspects in Bangkok bomb plot dined with prostitutes, authorities say THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TOUGH MONTH CARNIVAL OLD STORY BUT CRAZY
PAGE DUECE PAGE THREE TEBOW IS IN TOWN!!  NOW WE’LL SEE IF REX CAN MAKE IT WORK.  THE MORE I THINK ABOUT IT, THE MORE I LIKE IT... J-E-T-S!!! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK THIS GIRL HAS BEEN BLOWING UP LATELY ALL OVER THE PLACE SO I FIGURED WE’D JUMP ON THE BANDWAGON. SHES HOT AS HELL AND OBVIOUSLY KNOWS HOW TO PICK HER TEAMS.  GO CHECK HER OUT AT: m i s s D A N A m a r i e m i s s D A N A m a r i e m i s s D A N A m a r i e On Monday February 13th a massive fire ripped through Brighton Avenue in Long Branch N.J..  The fire destroyed 8 businesses and and a large apartment building, leaving many people homeless. was on the scene early, here are some inside pictures from this terrible blaze. Luckily no one was hurt. NOT REALLY THE HOUSE YOU WANT TO FUCK WITH.  KEEP MOVING. GOTTA LOVE THE EL CAMINO..  MAD RESPECT TO ANYONE WHO STILL HAS THE BALLS TO DRIVE ONE. EVERY DAY VALUE!! I WISH I COULD SEE WHAT THAT PIG WAS DOING. NOTHIN LIKE A NICE ROUND OF GOLF.     
Carlos Slim, Mexican telecommunications tycoon, is world’s richest man DJ BLACKSHORTS R.A. Dickey book: Childhood sexual abuse revealed in memoir with Daily News’ Wayne Coffey    CHECK THIS OUT!! Tim Tebow addition excites NY Jets head coach Rex Ryan who warns NFL defenses 'you better be prepared' Veteran linebacker Bart Scott will return to the NY Jets in 2012 We cautioned that Carmelo Anthony would be Stephon Marbury 2.0, so no surprise the NY Knicks are a mess Stellar spring has Hughes on verge of Yankees rotation NY Mets third baseman David Wright makes spring training debut with 1-for-2 day and diving stop against the St. Louis Cardinals NJ Nets' Deron Williams finally meets with the press and is officially fed up with team's mistakes Yankees' Chamberlain expects to be back on pitcher's mound in July Devils fit in Zajac facing Blackhawks tonight NY Rangers lose Mats Zuccarello to broken left wrist and fall to Buffalo Sabres 4-1 at Garden Giants take time on free agents Giants take Super jabs at Tebowmania 'Psycho' 17-year-old shot, beat classmates to death My life as a Colombo hit man Murder-suicide dad Josh Powell had cartoon sex, incest images on computer Swedish police try to untangle story of man who claimed he spent two months in snowy car Mob turncoat details the 1997 slaying of NYPD cop Ralph Dols JetBlue captain goes berserk on NYC-to-Vegas flight Police say more human remains found on New York's Long Island E-Cigarette Explodes in a Man's Mouth, Knocking Out a Couple of Teeth FUCK THAT.. ILL JUST SMOKE Woman in Taiwan kills herself while chatting with friends on Facebook: police 'Hamburglar' hits Maine McD's drive-thru